Celebrate in Montana

The Lodge & Catering
When you want your own space for just your own pleasure, consider Grey Wolf Ranch

Lodge Dinning
Indoor catering for events

The Lodge is a grand space to relax and be pampered. The Lodge is available to renters of our cabins. The dining area can be expanded to accommodate up to 45 people. The fireplace and seating area provides a cozy comfort and a feeling of well being. We have a full bar. There is a loft we call the library. The kitchen welcomes people to sit at the bar (separates the actual kitchen from the serving area) and watch the Chef prepare the meal.

Our kitchen can create culinary choices from a practiced and accepted repertoire or follow a list of desires of your own. When you stay in one of our cabins, you may choose to have one or all meals in the Lodge. The charge for the meals is based separately and the menu accordingly.

Large Events
Outdoor catering venue

During the spring and summer months, Grey Wolf Ranch is the perfect venue for large events. Our Chef Ben offers a variety of world cuisine and will work closely with you to insure we meet your expectations through careful planning and a complete understanding of the occasion.

Questions? Call for Catering and/or Bar information. 406.677.0119